VitaJuwel Beauty Crystal Infused Water Bottle

VitaJuwel Beauty Crystal Infused Water Bottle

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(amethyst – aventurine quartz – rose quartz)

Beauty emerges from within. Of course, we grow older but we don't have to look old. Fresh, smooth-looking skin is a sign of youth and health. Plenty of sleep, a balanced diet and sufficient pure water are essential to maintain your skin's elasticity. This blend is perfect for those who want their inner beauty to radiate out into the world. Numerous beauty salons have integrated this special vial as a permanent part of their beauty program.

The gemwater glass bottle VitaJuwel ViA has an exchangeable gempod and is the sustainable alternative to plastic bottles.

You will receive one (1) Cupid's Kiss VitaJuwel Glass Water Bottle, similar to the one in the photo with a card describing its properties. It will be gift-wrapped and charged with our singing bowls, Archangel Michael Spray, and infused with Reiki energy before being sent out.

Blessings of love and abundance,

Sacred Light


Please be advised: The crystal properties are listed for information purposes only and are not intended to replace or be used as medical treatment.